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Top 5 best football boots 2020 - in today’s video, JayMike will talk you through the best football boots of 2020 in one of the tightest Top 5 lists we’ve ever seen. With the release of the adidas X Ghosted+ and X Ghosted.1, the adidas Predator Mutator 20, the Nike Phantom GT and both the PUMA Ultra 1.1 and the PUMA FUTURE Z - plus of course the Mizuno Morelia Neo III Beta Japen and Mizuno Rebula Cup, it’s been a big, big year from the brands - and in today’s Top 5 best football boots 2020 video, JayMike will walk you through what he feels are the best new football boots of the year. This also means that the football boots that came out last year such as the Nike Mercurial Vapor 13 and Tiempo Legend 8 are not considered for the list - but if you want to know what we at Unisport are the very best football boots to come out in 2020, this video is the one for you. Will the X Ghosted+ win, or will the title go to an unexpected winner in the PUMA Ultra 1.1 or Mizuno Morelia Neo III Beta Japan? Watch along and find out. BUY YOUR NEW FOOTBALL BOOTS HERE: If you contribute with subtitles, titles or descriptions leave your name here, and we will make sure that the world knows who helped grow the unisportlife experience! FOLLOW US ON SOCIAL MEDIA; 🔝 *Facebook*: 📸 *Instagram*: 📲 Our *homepage and store*: 🕊 *Twitter*: ▶️ *Youtube*: 🎵 *TikTok*

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