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How to play like Neymar - learn Neymar football skills. In today's tutorial video, our technical master 7MLC will teach you how to dribble with style like Neymar Jr. and help you learn 3 Neymar Jr. football skills that you can use in a match to beat defenders with style just like the Brazilian master. Neymar has always been known for his flashy style and bold moves on the pitch, and he's not one to shy away from a cool dribble move - and in today's football skills tutorial, 7MLC will teach you 3 of his signature moves so you can learn how to dribble with style just like Neymar Jr. BUY NEYMAR'S PUMA FOOTBALL BOOTS RIGTH HERE: https://www.unisportstore.com/star-players/6687-neymar-jr/ If you contribute with subtitles, titles or descriptions leave your name here, and we will make sure that the world knows who helped grow the unisportlife experience! FOLLOW US ON SOCIAL MEDIA; 🔝 *Facebook*: http://www.facebook.com/Unisportstore 📸 *Instagram*: http://instagram.com/unisportstore/ 📲 Our *homepage and store*: http://www.unisportstore.com/ 🕊 *Twitter*: https://twitter.com/unisportlife ▶️ *Youtube*: http://www.youtube.com/channel/UC5SQGzkWyQSW_fe-URgq7xw?sub_confirmation=1 🎵 *TikTok* https://www.tiktok.com/@unisportstore?lang=en

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